7 Types of Jobs that are Easy But Paying Big in Nigeria

7 types of easy but high-paying jobs – Getting a high-paying job in Nigeria with low work pressure is a dream for job seekers.

Who doesn’t want to earn a lot of money with minimal effort? However, in the field not all jobs can be done easily.

Especially if the work done requires energy or involves physically.

So far, many people think that a lot of money can be earned by working hard. In fact, there are those who work day and night and overtime to get additional income.

There are also those who apply for famous offices and work there because their income is high. Apparently, around us there are jobs that are not too difficult but the pay is big.

To be able to get a high salary by doing easy work , you need to survey first. Usually, high-paying jobs demand creativity and require special skills. Curious about what kind of work it is? here’s the reference.

Airport Terminal Officer

Professions as airport terminal officers or skycaps are rarely glimpsed. In fact, apart from helping people at the airport, they will also provide information related to flights and other information around the airport.

Jobs as skycaps depend on the number of customers and tips given. The more customers you get, the greater the income of a skycaps. Of course to get big tips, there is quality service that needs to be provided.


Love to write and often submit articles in various media? You can get the opportunity to get a high salary.

Article writers, novelists, or news writers can earn a lot of money. Especially if the author is working on a well-known and reputable platform.

You can work as a freelance writer or a writer working with a contract system at a company.

Before applying for a job as a writer, first know the genre of writing that you are good at. If you like writing articles, look for media that can accommodate your passion.

It’s different if you master writing short stories or novels. Directly send your work to the publisher and follow the selection process.

If your work is publishable, you can market it and earn royalties. Of course, the better the book is in the market, the greater the income received.

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Tour Guide

The profession of tour guide or tour guide in tourist places is very much needed. Domestic and foreign tourists who come to a place for the first time need a guide to be able to explore a place.

Not only that, they will also be happy if someone directs and provides additional information. An additional skill that a tour guide needs to master is photography.

This is because tourists will usually ask for their photos to be taken with the background of tourist sites as a memento.

To become a tour guide, join a tourism bureau or advertise independently can be an option. As a tour guide, you will be required to master the routes of tourist attractions and the surrounding area.

You also need to learn about the history and ins and outs of tourist attractions in order to provide reliable information to tourists. This is because the information you provide will be recorded and disseminated.

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Tour guide services are quite diverse, depending on tourists and the chosen location. Usually domestic tourists will provide local prices for tour guides.

However, if you choose to work as a tour guide for foreign tourists, the price can be several times higher.

However, you need to know that the high price will be worth the effort you put in. Fluency in using foreign languages ​​and choosing the right vocabulary will make it easier for foreign tourists to understand your explanation.

Not infrequently tour guides who are familiar with tourists will get tips after the tour is over.


Having a knack for shooting great places or rare moments can be a good tool for becoming a photographer.

Who would have thought that the photographer profession was included in one of the easy but high-paying jobs? You can become a photographer by joining an agency or working independently.

If you have a professional camera or a capable cell phone camera, try learning photography techniques. We often find rare moments around us and can be used as photo objects.

You can also become a professional photographer for weddings, graduations, or other important events. In fact, there are also photographers who specialize in photographing animals or plants only.

Provision as a photographer is not enough just with a camera. If you can master photo editing software and be creative, your photos will be different from other photographers.

This is what will make the work of photographers valued dearly. In fact, you can even get the opportunity to walk in new places and expand your network.

Massage Therapist

The profession as a massage therapist may not be very popular. However, the salary of a massage therapist is fairly large with a level of difficulty that is not too high.

Especially for those of you who have undergone training and received a certificate as a therapist. It takes habituation to be able to carry out this profession to the fullest.

Professional massage therapists will look for people with busy activities and often feel tired. They need time to relax and rest.

The massage therapist will help them relax the muscles so they can return to normal activities.

Moreover, at the therapist’s place, customers will be pampered with music and aromatherapy to make them more relaxed.

Before becoming a therapist, consider first whether you will work in an institution or open your own practice.

In addition, the choice to come to the customer’s house or ask the customer to come to the therapist’s place also needs to be considered.

The advantage of being a professional therapist in addition to getting a salary is tips from customers.


Take advantage of your foreign language skills by engaging in translation. There is an opportunity to translate documents, books, to files you can take.

With a good command of the language, of course it will not be difficult to communicate with clients. Usually clients from abroad will provide higher fees than domestic clients.

The profession as a translator is open to students to professionals. In fact, you can become a sworn translator who works to legally translate important documents. Translation fees for sworn translators are much higher than for regular translators. Usually sworn translators are sought after by academics to workers who need legal translation of documents.

Elevator Supervisor

Jobs as an elevator supervisor may still be foreign and not much sought after. In fact, this profession is very much needed as long as there are elevators operating.

Just imagine if the condition of the elevator is damaged to cause an accident, of course, apart from being life-threatening, it will also cause big losses.

To minimize this incident, the profession as an elevator supervisor was opened. The elevator supervisor will ensure that the condition of the elevator remains optimal while checking the escalator and other equipment.

Thus information on 7 types of easy but high-paying jobs that you can try. The work is certainly influenced by the background and skills possessed by a person.

It could be that the work that you think is easy is actually considered difficult by others. During this job, keep trying to improve your skills or abilities so that you can compete with workers in similar sectors.

You can also learn foreign languages ​​to expand the market. By mastering a foreign language, your work is not only done with Nigerians, but also internationally. Good luck!

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