Recommended 7 Business Study Sites from Abroad

Looking for a site to study business from abroad? If so, this article is for you!

The business world is your place to see and capture the opportunities that are in front of your eyes to advance your business .

On the other hand, if the opportunity cannot be seen, let alone captured, then what will happen is failure .

In the investment formula , seeing opportunities is a must for investors.

If you want to dive into the business world seriously and deeply, you can study formally by going to a business school . In addition, you can also learn through non-formal channels, for example through online learning sites .

Here are 7 sites to study business from abroad that you can try to learn so that your business becomes more advanced and growing:


True to its name, this site belongs to Matthew Woodward .

From the look of his website or website, it can be seen that he is a person who really knows what he is going to do and what he is doing.

He has won two awards, namely about Making Money Online .

You can also judge for yourself the quality of the content offered on this site.

In addition, there are many tips and tricks that can be carried out using tools , how to find quality content and how to monetize a website so that you can get passive income .

He also often displays his blog income, you know!


This business learning site fronted by young people from Bollywood has become a reference for various international businesses, you know.

His environment, which is dominated by business people, finally made him enter the business world.

At first, he worked as a cleaning service at a toy store.

However, he later transformed into a contributor to various well-known business sites such as, and other big business sites.


This site is still from Neil, but the content presented is different, it can even be said to be nutritious for online business lovers .

You will definitely like his insight into Making Money Online starting from content marketing , startup tips, social media optimization and others.

In addition, if you are interested in trying the online course , some are offered for free but are limited to only 30 days.

You can build a business by building a big site like that.

4. LearnVest

Every successful entrepreneur or entrepreneur knows about how he will manage his money in the business he is running and manage personal finances .

This business learning site offers how business people can manage their finances well so that the business will continue to run.

The fees given are also quite affordable. In fact, there are also some classes that are free or free.

5. Niche Consultant Course

For entrepreneurs, there is no reason to stop learning .

Nowadays, learning online business is very easy.

This business learning site offers coaching for every businessman.

In it, there are many professional trainers and great organizations that will regularly provide courses and even free ebooks so you can build a bigger business.

You will learn a lot from this site. including finding the right business or course for you.

6. edX

edX is a free site that offers more than 300 programs consisting of various topics such as Entrepreneurship 101: Who is your Customer, there is also Financial Analysis and Decision Making and other programs.

Not only about business in general, this business learning site also provides information on how to learn according to the skills you need in the industry or business you are running.

7. Hubspot Academy

The last business learning site is Hubspot Academy.

This site is a free certification program that offers visitors a course on inbound marketing , website optimization , the process of creating educational content, landing pages and others.

You will be helped to create a brand including also having the various skills you need in business.

Of all the sites above, is there one that has made you interested?

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