The 3 Most Profitable Potential Target Markets for the Coffee Business

Coffee is one of the most popular drinks around the world.

In fact, it has become a drink that is liked by all people, from teenagers to the elderly.

This also causes the coffee business to become one of the most promising businesses today.

However, running a business is certainly not easy.

There are several things that must be prepared carefully so that you can get maximum benefits, such as the target market for your business.

Determining the target market is one of the keys to the success of a business, especially the coffee business.

So, you have to really think about and set potential targets for your coffee business , so that you get a profit, not the other way around.

By determining the target market, you can find out the characteristics of potential customers for your coffee business.

If you already know the characteristics of consumers.

So, you can adjust what business strategy you will choose to run your coffee business in the future.

So, the chances of your coffee business being successful will be even greater.

In determining the target market there are many things that you must consider.

Here are 3 potential target markets that usually have great potential for coffee business success that you might try in your business.


One of the potential target markets for the coffee business in Indonesia today is youth.

Why is that?

This is because teenagers, both from middle school to high school, have a lot of people who like to hang out or gather together.

Especially after school or while doing homework.

In fact, it is not uncommon for this hanging out activity to become a separate lifestyle among teenagers.

Moreover, there are many coffee shops that are designed attractively.

Thus, it is not only functioned as a hangout place, but also as a place to take selfies for teenagers.

This is evidenced by the many posts on social media about coffee and hanging out at coffee cafes today.

Especially if you add the fact that currently there are a lot of social media users, especially teenagers.

This also has great potential for other teenagers to follow or try the trend of hanging out and drinking coffee.

So, it is certain that the trend of drinking coffee among teenagers will also continue to increase in the future.

So, you can include teenagers as a list of your business target market, yes!

Office workers

Office workers are one of the potential target markets for your coffee business.

This is because workers usually have a lot of work to complete every day.

This also requires them to stay awake even into the middle of the night.

And coffee is one of the favorite choices of workers to accompany their activities because coffee contains caffeine which can increase concentration during activities, especially at work.

What’s more, in overtime that requires extra energy and mind to stay awake.

Not only that, when workers are going to meetings with clients they will choose coffee to accompany their conversations.

Not infrequently, they will choose the nearest coffee shop as a place for meetings .

This means that the potential for the coffee market among office workers is very high.

So, if your coffee business is close to an office, then you should include office workers in your target market list .


Students are one of the potential target markets to develop the coffee business.

In their spare time, students often use it to participate in various activities or organizations on and off campus.

Meet many people, chat with each other, and finally find a place to hang out to share thoughts or talk about organizational work programs.

And this is where a place to hang out like a coffee shop is needed .

Not only that, students are also identified as having many tasks.

In fact, it is not uncommon for students to be willing to stay up late to complete all their assignments.

Well, in this section a coffee is also needed by students so that they can stay awake and complete all their assignments.

In addition, many students deliberately go to coffee shops to study, especially for students who do have a habit of studying outside the home.

During exam periods, students usually need to stay awake and stay up late.

Coffee is usually suitable to accompany these times.

This means that the student target market has considerable potential for the success of your coffee business.

Moreover, if you open a coffee business that is close to campus.

So, students should be on your target market list .

Now, after knowing the potential target market for the coffee business, then you can determine for yourself which target market you will choose.

Preferably, in choosing this target market, you have to consider several things too, such as adjusting to the location, the average age of the population in your business location, and so on.

So, the target market can really be determined precisely and you can also get the maximum profit.

Hope this article helps!

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