10 Best Ways to Make Money on YouTube

If you are wondering how one can make money on YouTube , and struggle to get things going, it is not a pipe dream. Loads of YouTube channels are pulling in six-figure incomes, or higher.

How can you make some of that money on YouTube? Listed below are ten ways anyone can make money. Get ready to get creative with tips on how to make money on YouTube!

10 Best Ways to Make Money on YouTube

make money on youtube

1. Promote your products on YouTube

It’s not about getting views if you want to be profitable on YouTube. A product to promote, which can be seen in your videos, is a great way to earn extra income. The amazing thing about this income is that YouTube doesn’t take half of it!

Some products you can create:

  • eBooks
  • T-Shirts
  • Gallery
  • Music

2. Use affiliate marketing to promote other people’s products

It’s all about promoting and selling other people’s products and earning a commission when a sale is made. There are thousands of companies that offer Internet affiliate marketing that will allow you to make money on YouTube.

Key places to check include:

  • Amazon
  • eBay
  • ClickBank

Go find opportunities specific to the type of content you produce and watch the dollars roll in!

3. Send visitors to a blog or website

Usually, one of the best ways to make money on YouTube is not on YouTube itself. YouTube marketing is usually the most effective way to promote a website.

We have helped many YouTube channels to get more subscribers with our YouTube subscription packages, using these numbers to expand social proof, and move people in your channel to your website as a major marketing move.

It is by:

  • Add links to your site within the first line of the video descriptions
  • YouTube annotations that lead to your landing pages

These two easy link settings can do wonders for driving visitors to your site, and making YouTube worthwhile for you.

4. Create a collection and keep them coming again

If you are a storyteller, comedian, singer or any entertainer YouTube is probably your platform. You can do whatever you want on YouTube… as long as you have the budget, and also that you stay within YouTube’s 15 minute time limit. When you aim to make longer shows you can see about expanding that limit.

No matter how long your videos are, compilation is a great way to make money on YouTube because it keeps people coming back many times.

5. Put on a show and turn into a YouTube character

This is different from the suggestion above because YouTubers are usually single hosts who are passionate and knowledgeable about a particular topic. You have to be dynamic, attractive, and a lot of fun to earn money this way, however many do it.

Take the time to study how these users make money on YouTube, and prepare to entertain the world.

6. Create tutorials and share your information

Not all YouTubers make fools of themselves to make money. Many are sharing their knowledge in a specific area. Although tutorial clips are usually common in the style of make-up software, there are others that you can make yourself earn money on YouTube as well.

7. Use YouTube as a market analysis opportunity

The famous YouTube comment section is the place where people do not hold back. If you want to know if your new product idea will work or not, create a YouTube channel about that product.

Create videos that discuss the product, and you will get brutally reliable feedback. Be sure to take your grain of salt for the worst feedback, but you’ll get useful insight into products you want to promote before you go to market.

8. Get your metadata right

If you are having a hard time bringing in visitors, you can try our YouTube comments service to boost your social proof. You need to have a strong keyword plan that will keep you near the top of the major search engines.

Within the Creator Playbook, YouTube shows you the most effective usage practices for your metadata. This includes coordinating the knowledge in your title, description and tags. Not planning for search optimization could be a big reason for the success you get in earning money on YouTube.

9. Pick yourself up

If you are comfortable in front of a digital camera, YouTube is your chance to build a brand – a model called YOU. It doesn’t matter what your job is, your interests, your strengths and weaknesses, create videos and see what stands out.

You never know, you might just discover a niche that people respond to, and all you need is time and pushing just a few buttons.

10. Use the YouTube partner program

No article on how to make money on YouTube would be complete without mentioning the YouTube Affiliate Program.

I have written about this topic a little more in depth within the article I wrote on increasing your YouTube advertising income, but you cannot ignore it while you want to make a living. earn on YouTube.

Ads are shown before your video. Maybe it will help you to use that money source. Most estimates have a value of 1 million views at around $2000. Some of the estimates are high, some are a little lower. One video of yours may not reach a million views alone, but when you have 50 videos you will definitely make money on YouTube and start your online career!

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