4 Best Data Entry Job Websites, Proven Paying! Make Money Online

Want to earn extra income with data entry typing skills? The following is a proven paying online data input work website that you can try.

Data Entry Online Work

Data Entry is one of the side jobs that you can do to increase your income. You can do this online data input work anytime and anywhere without disturbing your main work. In addition, this job is also suitable for students or students who are still studying.

In addition to getting additional income, this job can also train typing speed. Getting a data input job is actually not difficult, there are many online captcha data input jobs websites that you can try and have been proven to pay. But usually, the pay is not big.

What is Data Entry?

Data entry is a job that focuses on inputting data or reports as well as in the field of administration. Maybe that’s the general sense of data entry if you work in a company.

But in the online world, data entry jobs can be written in various kinds, for example, what we often encounter is typing captcha. This type of online data input work is what we often encounter on the Internet.

However, it is possible that there are many more out there. It’s just that we still have minimal information related to data entry freelancers.

Online Data Entry Job Website: Make Money by Data Input

Even though it’s not as much as the online work income for inputting excel data at the company, you can try some of the following online data entry work websites to get additional income.

For now, working online data entry is mostly typing captcha, but it’s okay to be able to work online from home with internet capital.

If you are interested in working online for dollars, here are some recommendations for online work sites that are proven to pay:

1. Kolotibablo.com

The first paid data input online work website recommendation is Kolotibablo. Your job on this site is to input the captcha code, the more captcha you successfully input, the more income you can get.

This website has been established since 2007 and is proven to pay. For payments you can use bitcoin, litecoin, and also advcash. The minimum payment on this website is $1, but it may change from time to time.

How to input data on this website is very easy, you can even do it via cellphone. It is even recommended to enter the captcha via the browser on the Smartphone because the display will be simpler and clearer.

2. Captchatypers.com

Just like Kolotibablo, Captchatypers is an online job site for students that will not interfere with learning activities at school. The difference between the two sites is in the payment method, on this site payments are made through the webmoney processor and perfect money with a minimum payout of $1.

Although the online work of inputting captcha data is not much, but if you can complete tens or hundreds of captcha every day correctly, then the pay is not small. In addition, the way of working on this website is also very easy and simple. You can work through the application that has been provided or through the official website.

How to work on this website is very easy, you just need to fill in the available captcha correctly until it’s finished. It takes patience and high consistency in order to get a lot of dollars through this site.

3. Megatypers.com

The next online data input work website is Megatypers. This website has been around for a long time and is trusted by many people. Unlike the previous two websites where the minimum payout is only $1, in Megatypers the minimum payout is $3.

If you are looking for additional income with data input skills, then you can try working at Megatypers. Please register first on the official website, then start working by typing the captcha according to the instructions.

4. 2captcha.com

The last paid data input online work website is 2captcha. Maybe you are already familiar with this website because it is very popular among internet users. On this website you can get dollars just by entering the captcha code according to the instructions.

2captcha is very popular and has been proven by many people who use it. In addition, the captcha typed on this website is also fairly short and easy so you can solve many captchas quickly.

For the payment method, this website uses a payza, bitcoin, and advcash processor with a minimum payout of $1. You can also payout using webmoney with a minimum payout of around $0.5.

Data Entry Online Job Tips

Before you register on one of the online data input work websites above, you should know how to do all the available tasks so that the results are maximized.

Technically, you are only told to retype all the captcha that appears on the screen. You will be paid for every correct captcha, and if the error percentage is higher than correct, your account will likely be suspended.

This will automatically be a sign that you have not mastered the various captcha models that you have to guess. The captcha code itself has many types, some in the form of text, images, and even questions.

For this reason, before you register with one of the online data input work sites, you should follow these tips:

1. Mastering All Captcha Models

As we explained earlier, you must know various types of captcha codes before becoming a data entry freelancer. Because credibility will be at stake, if you get too much wrong it will be suspended.

However, this only applies to certain data input online work sites. Usually you will be given training before starting to work and make money by inputting data online.

2. Get used to typing fast

Time is also very influential to make money here. The reason is, there are several online work websites that provide a limited time for each captcha displayed.

Therefore, you must get used to writing quickly so that time is not wasted. So, if you don’t have typing skills, it’s best not to register now.

3. Careful In Concluding Captcha

The captcha code does serve as a level of security that must be verified by users on certain sites. The goal is to ensure that visitors are humans, not robots. Therefore, the captcha code displayed is made as complex as possible so that it cannot be guessed by robots.

Even though it is made as complex as possible, it must be in an easy position for humans. That’s why there are currently a lot of online captcha data input jobs scattered around. The goal is to create a captcha code that is complex for robots, but still understandable by humans.


Maybe that’s all the recommendations for data input online work sites that we can share this time. That’s one of the many online job sites without capital that are proven to pay.

To get paid from the website, you must have several online banks such as Paypal, or others.

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