11 Best Captcha Entry Job for Extra Income Every Month

I feel like I know a lot about making money online.

That’s mainly what I’m writing about here because I know about different types of online work and how to find different gigs.

But one thing I came across recently is the captcha entry.

I had to ask myself: what is a captcha entry job and is it a legit way to make money online?

So, as always, I dug to find out what I could know about this seemingly weird online presence and how it works for others.

Of course, I’ll give you all the information here so you can decide if it’s the perfect side gig for you!

What triggers Captcha?

Before we dive into the best captcha payment sites, let’s talk about what it means to solve captchas and why someone would actually pay to do the work.

I’m sure you know what a captcha is.

These images show strings of letters and/or numbers that you must plug in before you can continue whatever you have been doing online.

Typically, you use them before committing to something like a newsletter, or when signing up or logging into a website.

Captchas can be annoying, I’ll admit. But they’re actually there for a really good cause: to make sure people aren’t using the internet in a spammy way.

If you’re forced to enter the numbers or letters of a captcha, a site makes sure you’re actually trying to type/login/login, or whatever you were doing.

Without captchas, hackers could easily access websites.

Captchas keep them away because their hacking methods usually can’t maneuver around a captcha (which is exactly why captchas are evolving; you can even see them as images now instead of letters, numbers, or words).

Some people may need to get through these captchas quickly.

They may need to register for websites in bulk or set up multiple accounts for one website.

Whatever the reason, they are willing to pay others to solve the captchas so they can make their job easier.

This work doesn’t usually pay much, but if you can work fast you can create more than the average captcha solver.

Important points to consider when solving subtitles

Solving Captcha may be a legitimate gig, but it may not be for everyone.

There are some important things to know before starting this type of work.

Captcha solution can be used for illegal things

Not all captcha work is for good intentions. Some people may use your skills to hack into websites or spam people.

Unfortunately you don’t really know what the purpose of your solutions is because you only deliver what the requester asks for.

Most legitimate captcha solution sites make sure that none of their clients do this. So it’s a good idea to stick to the well-known sites on this list.

Captcha entry job will not make you rich

This isn’t like a freelance gig where you can just work more to get more done.

The payment for solving captcha is quite low compared to other online opportunities.

If it’s all you can find now, give it a try, but if you have other options, you might want to explore them.

You may need to download software

Some of these websites require you to download software to start working.

The software has all the captchas that you need to solve and allows you to solve them directly in the program.

If you don’t like downloading something from a site you don’t know much about yet, this work might not be for you.

Where to Find Legit Captcha Typing Online Jobs

captcha entry job

This captcha company list is all you need to start this kind of work.

While I can’t guarantee all of them will work for you, I can at least say that based on my research, they are legit websites for finding captcha entry job.


When I was researching captcha solving works, 2Captcha was the only place that kept popping out of people’s mouths.

From what I can tell, it’s one of the most legit solution sites that people really trust.

It seems that this site goes to great lengths to weed out customers who wish to use the work for negative purposes.

They make between $0.20 and $0.80 an hour, which is actually decent considering some other sites pay $0.20 or less for an hour.

Workers must go through a training session that lasts a few minutes before being registered for work. You will of course also need a reliable internet connection and a computer.

2Captcha withdrawals only require a minimum balance of $0.50, which you can redeem using one of several payment methods.

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Amazon Mechanical Turk

Amazon Mechanical Turk is a popular microtasking website that does a good job of weeding out bad customers for you, so you have less to worry about.

I have used this site myself and sometimes seen how captcha entries work on it.

Whatever you do with mTurk, you can apply for an Amazon gift card or transfer to your Amazon Payments account.

The site also offers various other types of work including other data entry tasks, image labeling, writing, research and more.

If solving captchas doesn’t work for you, you can always make money by doing another type of task on the site!

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Captcha typewriters

Captcha Typers is one of the websites where you need to download software to solve the captchas.

To sign up, all you have to do is fill out a quick registration form.

After that, you’ll be asked to create a worker account by setting up an ID that the company can use to process your payments.

Currently the site needs more staff to work after 7pm when most requests come in and is looking for around 1500 new staff to sign up.

From what I’ve read on the web, this site also pays more for your work if you work overnight.


Fiverr offers freelancers another way to make money by solving captchas.

If you are interested in this type of work, you can set up your own appearance for the online captcha entry. You have complete control over your prices, which could help you get a lot more than the usual price.

All gigs can start at $5, but you can add packages that increase the value of your work.

For example, most websites pay between $0.20 and $0.50 per 1,000 captchas, but you might say you can solve 1,000 for $5 and 2,100 for $10.

It takes several days to get five papers approved before you get paid. This can be a disadvantage.

But if you get steady work from your gig, you can expect steady payments.

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Freelancer is a freelance marketplace where clients can set up appearances for freelancers to see and respond to.

Usually here you will find some captcha entries in the search bar.

Remember to also optimize your profile so others know you do this type of work.

If they’re looking for workers for their gig, you can show up on their list!

You can set up milestone payments with your clients to get paid for work pieces, or to get paid all at once at the end of the gig.

Get paid

This is a Get Paid To site that offers members a variety of ways to make money.

It also works with other GPT sites to give you even more work.

One of the possibilities it offers is captcha typing job.

The site pays $0.50 per 1,000 captchas, which most people can do in about an hour.

Get-Paid offers payments from Amazon, Bitcoin, PayPal and more.

If solving these pictures doesn’t work for you then don’t worry there are many other ways to make money on this site such as: B. to fill out offers and conduct surveys.


GRiYAAS is an India based site that doesn’t have the best English grammar.

It also seems to be one of the newer ones on the scene for this type of work, so there isn’t much credible information for it yet.

If you attempt this, I suggest using your due diligence to decide whether to adhere to these.

The minimum amount you need to withdraw depends on your membership (I don’t suggest paying for a membership).

You can be paid by check or bank transfer.


This is another name, like 2Captcha, which is common in this work, so I believe it has some legitimacy.

This website provides an accuracy system to track your accuracy in solving and improve over time.

The payment is said to be around US$1 for 1,000 words, which is highly paid for this work.

The more accurate you are according to your accuracy tracker, the more you can do.


ProTypers receive TyperCredits for their work at the company. These credits are translated into regular dollars, with 1 credit equaling 1 dollar.

You must be able to type at least 10 words per minute (most kids can do that!) and have a reliable computer with an internet connection.

Payment methods include Payza, checks, PayPal and more.

The site pays between $0.45 and $1.50 per 1,000 captchas, depending on how well you perform.

The smart crowd

The Smart Crowd is a microtasking site by Lionbridges, similar to Amazon Mechanical Turk.

I have also used this site before so I can vouch for their legitimacy and solvency.

This site does a lot of crowdsourcing work like data entry, categorization, and research, and one of its occasional appearances is entering captcha numbers and letters.

Payment depends on the task, but you can see the suggested payment before you start work.

To apply, you need to fill out a quick form, fill out some profile information about your demographics, and then complete a placement assessment for the job you want.

You will receive an answer from The Smart Crowd as soon as you are authorized to start working.

up work

One of the best freelance marketplaces is Upwork, although it’s also one of the newer platforms.

This company came from the people who brought you Odesk, another top marketplace in the industry.

You can find just about any type of freelance work you can think of here, including data entry tasks where solving captchas usually falls.

Sign up for Upwork and complete your profile, including the type of work you are interested in.

Once your profile has been accepted, you can search for gigs.

Set milestones for work or end up getting paid. You can negotiate everything with the customer before you start.

Upwork also offers a few payment methods like PayPal and bank transfer so you can get your money as soon as possible.

Conclusion: Captcha entry-level jobs from home

Let’s be honest: solving captcha is not the most lucrative way to make money online.

If you’re lucky you might be able to make $1 an hour. Is it worth it?

For most people it isn’t. However, you could be very efficient and earn a little more.

Even then, supporting yourself probably won’t be enough. However, it could be a good side gig if you need a little more.

These websites can help you earn as much as possible when you have much more free time than you can expect from the captcha solution.

Have you tried to solve Captcha?

Are there any websites other than those listed above that helped you earn a lot?

I would like to hear from you.

Leave a comment below!

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