5 Today’s Side Business Ideas To Add To Your Savings

5 Current Side Business Ideas to Increase Your Savings – Do you have any future plans that you are targeting? Surely you are confused about finding additional funds other than the regular income you receive every month from the company you work for.

One solution is to set up a side business that can generate rupiah coffers. Even if it’s a little, it’s guaranteed to increase your savings nominal.

Let’s take a look at today’s side business ideas that you can do in your busy schedule.

5 Today’s Side Business Ideas To Add To Your Savings

1. Dim Sum

This one food is very easy to find anywhere, even there are many dim sum businessmen scattered in the office. Because, dim sum is a snack hits today that many people like because it can block hunger.

Great opportunity for you, if no one sells dim sum at your place of work. Let’s take advantage of it before someone else does!

2. Cake

This food product can also be chosen as your side business. Various types of wet cakes, such as pastels, risol, omelette rolls, and the like have become a dream when hunger strikes.

Wet cakes are perishable foods, so try to sell them straight away. These wet cakes will last a long time in the refrigerator, but it’s best to sell them right away and eat them.


Another type of food that is most in demand is snacks ( snacks ). In addition to being easy to eat, this snack tends to spoil the tongue because of its varied taste. Ranging from sweet to salty too.

With a little capital, you can sell this crunchy snack at a profitable but still affordable price.

Hijab and Scarf

In addition to snacks, other side business ideas are hijabs and scarves. Both are very popular with women who usually dress fashionable when they are on campus or in the office.

Provide many choices of motifs and colors so that potential consumers are free to choose what they like. This side business is quite profitable. Apart from being able to last a long time, the hijab and scarf business is quite a fan.

Electric Credit

The internet is an important need that cannot be separated from the grip of humans on this earth. Anyone needs credit, and anyone needs internet. Therefore, electric pulses can be your business idea.

In addition to top-up services or internet packages, you can simultaneously open payment services for electricity tokens, cable TV, and the like. Look for an agent that provides all of these services.

Although fortunately not too much, but if many buy it will be a hill right?

Of course you can try the various side business ideas above to increase your savings in the future.

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